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Five Steps to Taking Care of Your Gut Microbiome

Constant stomach issues may have more to do with your gut health than you believe. If the microorganisms that live inside your digestive system are not doing what they are supposed to, you could be spending more time in the bathroom than you’d like. Read on to find out about your gut health and the...


The Link Between Allergies and Gut Health

Food allergies have become prevalent in the US and other developed countries. Research shows that about 32 million people in the US suffer from them. They affect people of all ages, including children. Some food allergies are mild and will resolve on their own. However, others are terrifying and life-threatening, such that they can send...


5 Exercises That Aid in Optimal Digestive Health

Everyone experiences digestive health issues at one point or another in life. Trying new food, eating an undercooked meal, or ordering food from a restaurant that doesn’t prioritize hygiene can all cause you to suffer stomach problems. Symptoms may vary in intensity. Severe symptoms include unrelenting abdominal pain, vomiting, fever/chills, and profuse watery or bloody...


Does Stress Cause IBS?

People who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) often wonder whether there is any connection between stress, anxiety, and gut health. It is easy to see why this is such a common question, as stress and IBS seem to go hand-in-hand, as a reported 60% of IBS patients also suffer from anxiety. Yet, this may...


Can Certain Diets Cause or Worsen IBS Symptoms?

Most people today follow a variety of diets to improve their health. The digestive system is the most directly affected body system, both positively and negatively. So, can certain diets cause or worsen IBS symptoms? Before we get into the various diet food elements and their impact on IBS, note that at Allied Digestive Health,...


Early Warning Signs of Colon Cancer

If you only read the first sentence of this blog, know that colon cancer is PREVENTABLE, treatable and beatable. Do NOT wait until you develop signs of colon cancer. Go get your screening colonoscopy. Screening colonoscopy in asymptomatic individuals is how precancerous polyps can be found and removed, and colon cancer can be prevented. Colon...